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Germany is out of the WorldCup

Filed under: Other Stuff — arne on July 4, 2006


I hope for France that they will win the WorldCup, because Zidane (DE) played a really good tournament and is generally one of the coolest players. New target for Germany: Third place. Third place is even better than losing the final, because you are the last one who parties ;)

Update: Yeha, France made it to the finale! :)

Update (2006-07-10): Noo, why did Zidane do that? This is so bad for the last game of his career. :(

More (funny) background info about Zidanes headbutt:

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Comment by Frank

Posted on July 5, 2006

Das währe so schön gewesen….

Comment by kas

Posted on July 19, 2006

yo ce vraiment drole mais j’envoue que zidane est fort hi hi il a fais pleuré materazi lolll mais on a manqué la coup po grave la vive le roi du terrain zizou

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