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Google Sitemap Generator v2 (BETA)

Filed under: Sitemaps — arne on June 5, 2005
This release is out of date. Please check /projects/wordpress-plugins/google-xml-sitemaps-generator/.

I had a little bit time this morning so I improved my Google Sitemaps Generator…


  • WordPress Plugin Support (just copy it in your plugin directory and activate it)
  • Administration UI (Customize setting like change frequency, page priorities and automatic priority calculation from your WordPress Admin Center)
  • Includes Homepage, Posts, Static Pages, Categories and Archives
  • Creates a static xml file called sitemap.xml in your blog directory
  • Gets automatic rebuilt if you edit/write/publish a post
  • Calculates post priority depending on the number of comments

Note: This new version is still beta and I’m still at testing. You can try it out and report any errors/mistakes/suggest to my email. If you can, test it under an other copy/backup of you blog… It’s still beta and may have bugs!!

Download the zip Archive and extract the sitemap.php and in your wp-content/plugins directory. Then look in your admin page under Plugins and activate it. Now you can click on Options -> Sitemap and configure your settings. Update or write a post to start the first sitemap generation.

This release is out of date. Please check /2005/06/05/google-sitemaps-generator-v2-final.

Note: I’m not a WordPress expert and this is my first plugin. I read The Plugin API and Writing a Plugin at the WordPress pages. If you are more familiar with WordPress plugins and see something strange/not recommended please tell me! Also the registered actions (add_action) which start sitemap generation may be redundant.

Update: I included a Manual Rebuild button in the options page so you don’t need to edit a post to start the generation at the first time. Beta Testers are welcome 🙂