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Google Sitemap Generator for WordPress 2.6

Filed under: Sitemaps — arne on July 4, 2005

I’m glad to announce a new version of the Google Sitemap Generator for WordPress. This version fixes various issues and introduces some new features:

  • Custom location of the sitemap file:
    Now you can specify a custom location for your sitemap file and place it in your root directory for example. This will allow you to add other URLs which are not in or beneath the Blog directory and didn’t get recognized by Google so far.
  • Filter-Hook for other plugins:
    This plugin has an own WordPress filter, which can be used by other plugins to add their generated pages to the sitemap. Check the source code comments for more details.
  • Fixed error with other extensions:
    The script should now also work with extensions like wp-mail. If there is a reason the plugin might not work due to not included files, it disables itself.
  • Fixed bug with missing trailing slash:
    The Home URL has now always a trailing slash at the end.

German, Spanish, Traditional Chinese and Japanese language files are already updated, Italian will follow soon. Thanks to the authors for the fast support!

Stefano sent me the new Italian language files! Thanks!

Update 2:
june6 sent me Chinese (Simplified) language files! Thanks for your work 🙂
Download the full package with language files to get it.

Update 3:
Wow, I recieved another Simplified Chinese language file by Liang Jin later this day. Have a look at it at

More Information and Download