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A9 SiteInfo Generator Plugin For WordPress

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I’m happy to present you another Plugin for your WordPress Blog: The A9 SiteInfo Generator.

SiteInfo is an open standard which allows you to specify information that will be displayed in a toolbar menu. This allows the A9 toolbar (or other toolbars that want to use SiteInfo) to display a menu about your site, when a user is on your site.

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What does this plugin do?

This plugin generates the SiteInfo information from the data of your WordPress blog. You can choose what you want to display at the SiteInfo WebMenu including Pages, Categories, Archives and Search.

Screenshot with WebMenu

Is this only used by the A9 toolbar?

SiteInfo is an open standard. Any toolbar, browser, or other program is welcome (and encouraged) to read and display the contents of siteinfo.xml files. Note: if you use Firefox, you can also download a small Addon which displays the SiteInfo menu next to your address bar without having the A9 toolbar installed.

Where is the SiteInfo located?

A website’s SiteInfo is found in a file ‘siteinfo.xml’ found at the root of the domain. So, if your site is then the location should be


This plugin requires WordPress 2.0 and was primarily tested on 2.0.3 so I recommend you to upgrade to the latest version.

Pricing and Licensing:

Good news, this plugin is free for everyone! This plugin is not GPL, but you may freely distribute it in an unmodified state. Please look at the source code header for more details. This software is provided “as is”, without any guarantee of warranty of any kind, nor could I ever be held liable for any damages it could do to your system.


Multilanguage version, supports English, Dutch (by Nazgul), German and Malay (by Ameyr Pippo):
Download Icon /redir/siteinfo-dl/


Installation is easy if you follow this simple steps:

If your Blog is in the root directory of your domain (like and your server supports mod_rewrite:

  1. Upload the plugin into your wp-content/plugins directory
  2. Activate the plugin
  3. Rebuild your Permalink structure in “Options” -> “Permalinks”
  4. Customize the settings of this plugin in “Options” -> “SiteInfo”

If your Blog is NOT located in the root directory (like or your server doesn’t support mod_rewrite:

  1. Upload the plugin into your wp-content/plugins directory
  2. Create a new file named “siteinfo.xml” in your domain root directory (like
  3. Make it writable using FTP or SSH and the CHMOD 777 command. The WordPress Codex has additional information about that.
  4. Activate the plugin
  5. Go into “Options” -> “SiteInfo” and verify if the file system path to the siteinfo.xml is correct.


Please post in the WordPress Support Forum if you need help with this plugin. It is very likely that you will get a faster response there than if you write me a mail.


The plugin is currently available in English, Dutch (by Nazgul) and German. If you want to help to localize it in your language, just use a gettext compatible program like poedit and the included siteinfo.pot to start translating. Your help is very appreciated!


Note: I will move this plugin to the repository as soon as Matt created an account for it, but this may last some weeks so stay tuned.

2006-06-21: v1.2, Fixed incorrect encoding, added missing translations, corrected date on admin page. Thanks to Nazgul for the Dutch language files!
2006-06-20: v1.1, Added Recent Posts + Fix for empty page titles
2006-06-19: v1.0, Initial release


Q: I have to access to my domain root, can I use SiteInfo?
A: Since there is only one SiteInfo per domain, you can’t use SiteInfo without access to your domain root.

Q: I get the error that my siteinfo.xml is not writable.
A: Please make it writable using FTP or SSH and the CHMOD 777 command. The WordPress Codex has additional information about that.

Q: When i click on “Verify Path” or “Autodetect Path” I get the error “This feature is not available for this WordPress version”.
A: You are using an older WordPress version which doesn’t support all AJAX security features. Please upgrade to 2.0.3

Q: What is mod_rewrite?
A: Mod_rewrite is a technology which allows you to map a nice looking path (like to

Q: How does this plugin uses mod_rewrite?
A: This plugin uses mod_rewrite to map to This allows you to generate the SiteInfo on the fly without having to create a static file.

Q: My server doesn’t support mod_rewrite or my blog is not located at the domain root, what should I do?
A: This plugin can also generate a static siteinfo.xml. Please verify your path to the domain root at the administration page.

Q: How often is the static file rebuilt?
A: The static file is rebuild of you publish a post.

Q: I enabled mod_rewrite, but I alway get an old SiteInfo
A: Please make sure that there is no siteinfo.xml in your domain root.

Q: I changed the content of my SiteInfo, but I can’t see it in my browser!
A: The SiteInfo is retrieved only once per session. Please close your browser and retry.


Active WebMenu with the Firefox Addon:
Firefox Addon

Active WebMenu with the A9 Toolbar:
Firefox Addon

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