Arne Brachhold

How to create links to social bookmark services

Filed under: SEO — arne on July 19, 2006

Social bookmark services are a good way to promote your website or blog. You can increase the number of bookmarks to your site with providing your visitors links which allow them to directly bookmark your site on their favourite bookmark service.

Below you can find a list of the most used ones, simply replace "[URL]" with the URL to your site or specific page and "[TITLE]" with the title of it. Some services have additional parameters, but they are pretty self-explanatory.

Note that you always need to urlencode your URL and title![URL]&title=[TITLE]Many people ask how to predefine the tags for, but that’s not possible.


Digg:[URL]&title=[TITLE]Maybe you should implement a referer check for digg users so they can instantly digg it instead of submitting your page again.

Google Bookmarks:[URL]&title=[TITLE]



That were the most popular ones, comment if you are missing one!