Arne Brachhold

New ImageShack Uploader Plugin for WordPress

Filed under: Plugins — arne on March 5, 2007

In the last time, I’ve seen many Google searches about WordPress and ImageShack in my referer logs. Too bad there wasn’t something on this page about that.

Since I had some time today and found this an interesting combination, I’ve created a small WordPress plugin which allows you to upload image files to ImageShack directly from your WP posting screen and insert them into your post with a few clicks.

More info about the plugin and the download archive can be found on the plugin page. I hope you enjoy it!

Fixing Jerome’s Keywords and WordPress 2.1

Filed under: Wordpress — arne on March 3, 2007

I’m using the Jerome’s Keywords tagging plugin on this site and noticed that all keywords (tags) for a post will go away if I approve its comments. After some search through the code I’ve found that the plugin is using the “edit_post” hook to update the keywords after you’ve changed them on the post screen.

The problem is that this hook is also executed when you approve a comment, but since you are not coming from the post form you’re not sending any post data (like the keywords) and the plugin assumes that the post has no keywords or you’ve deleted them. Mark Jaquith wrote about this behavior earlier this year. (Read on …)