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Google (XML) Sitemaps Generator for WordPress

arne on September 24, 2007
WordPress 3.3+:
WordPress < 3.3:

This plugin generates a XML-Sitemap compliant sitemap of your WordPress blog. This format is supported by, Google, YAHOO and MSN Search.

More information about what XML-Sitemaps are and how they can help you to get indexed by the major search engines can be found at and the searchenginewatch blog.

If you have questions about XML-Sitemaps or run into problems, have a look at my Sitemaps FAQ.

Note: The XML-Sitemap format was introduced in 2005 by Google and adopted in 2006 by YAHOO, Live and so that’s why it’s often called "Google Sitemaps".

Download | Installation | Help & FAQ | Changelog | Donate

Problems with your sitemap? Read my Sitemaps FAQ.


  • Support for all WordPress content, including custom post types, taxonomies, archives, authors, …
  • No PHP skills or file changes needed
  • User interface to customize all parameters like priorities etc.
  • Available in many languages
  • Calculates a priority for each post, based on the number of comments
  • Notifies Google, Bing and YAHOO about changes via ping
  • Includes a WordPress filter for other plugins which can add their pages to the sitemap
  • 100% Multisite compatible, including by-blog and network activation.
  • …and many more!

Download (includes all languages):

Download Icon Download new version with dynamic sub-sitemaps

Download Icon Download older version with single static sitemap

See here for an explanation about single and sub-sitemaps.

Thanks for the translations: Arabian, Belorussian, Brazilian Portuguese, Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, English, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portugese, Russian, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Simplified, Traditional Chinese, Turkish and Ukrainian.

Pricing and Licensing:

Good news, this plugin is free for everyone! Since it’s released under GPL, you can use it free of charge on your personal or commercial blog. But if you enjoy this plugin, you can thank me and leave a small donation for the time I’ve spent writing and supporting this plugin. And I really don’t want to know how many hours of my life this plugin has already eaten ;)

$250.00 $150.00 $75.00
$50.00 $30.00 $20.00
$10.00 $5.00 $2.00

If you don’t like PayPal, you can also send me an gift certificate.
Thanks for your support! :)

Notify List:

Subscribe to get notified about new major releases and security issues. Maybe one mail per year, confirmation required (double-opt-in).


Simply download the Zip-Archive and extract all files into your wp-content/plugins/ directory. Then go into your WordPress administration page, click on Plugins and activate it. After that you will have a new menu point called "Sitemap" under the "Options" menu. You can alter the default change frequencies and other options there.

Suggest a feature:

Submit your own ideas and browse existing suggestions on the UserVoice Forum.

Example of a generated sitemap: or


Cutout of the administration UI, click for full image:
Cutout of the Administration Interface
Yes, that screen is still from WordPress 2.0 ;)

57 Comment(s)

Comment by BillSaysThis

Posted on June 6, 2005


Comment by Chris Ladd

Posted on June 6, 2005

Thanks for this great plugin. I had it setup on my site, configured, and generating the site map in less than 5 minutes! Thanks so much for this great piece of work!

Comment by Mads Jensen

Posted on June 6, 2005

Will give it a try.

Comment by Tom

Posted on June 6, 2005

This looks very cool, I will give it a go.

Comment by Alex

Posted on June 6, 2005

Great plugin! I am using it on both of my sites. Thanks!

Comment by Ken

Posted on June 6, 2005

I’m getting an error:
Warning: fopen(/usr/local/www/vhosts/ failed to open stream: Permission denied in /usr/local/www/vhosts/ on line 540

Comment by Neil

Posted on June 6, 2005

Thanks for such an easy to use plugin. It seems to work perfectly. Much appreciated.

Comment by arne

Posted on June 6, 2005

Hi Ken,

please check that the wp-content/plugins/sitemap.php has the right to write into your blog directory.


Comment by weefselkweekje

Posted on June 6, 2005

Upgrading to fixed it. Quite an easy upgrade if you use themes btw…


Comment by Brett Elliff

Posted on June 6, 2005

If you are getting the fpopen permission denied errors I figured out how to fix it in my case at least. All that you need to do is create a sitemap.xml file with random test in it and upload it to your WordPress root directory or create it there viz terminal and then make sure it has write permissions. when you rebuild it again in the options menu it should appear. :) Mine is now at if anyone wants to see it. contact me if you need help. good luck!

Comment by Wendy

Posted on June 6, 2005

Just did it Brett and it s working, Thanks a lot
see it in

Comment by David W. Boles

Posted on June 6, 2005

A painless install with lots of backend plusses! Excellent work! Google sitemapped me in less than an hour. Slick stuff, this!

Comment by Sameer

Posted on June 7, 2005

Thanks. It works beautifully!!!.

Comment by rob

Posted on June 7, 2005

Thx for this great plugin!

Comment by Shahab

Posted on June 7, 2005

Great plugin .. Thanx buddy ..:) ..

You can submit your Sitemaps to Google at this page

Comment by Alex

Posted on June 8, 2005

Thank you very much!

Comment by Jalansutera

Posted on June 8, 2005

Yesss… thank you very much. I have installed it at my weblog…

Comment by Dirk

Posted on June 8, 2005

Hi, thanks for this great plugin! Works fine for me :)


Comment by Bolt

Posted on June 8, 2005

Great plugin, good work!

Comment by Luis

Posted on June 8, 2005

This is a really good plugin! thanx!

Comment by Chuck Reynolds

Posted on June 9, 2005

Excellent addition to WP! Thanks much – I love it!

Comment by Christian Gau

Posted on June 13, 2005

Great Plugin. Just installed the latest version. Works for me. Thanks!!!

Comment by Johan

Posted on June 14, 2005

Wow! This is reallly a great plugin! Got it working in 5 minutes!

Here is the result:


Comment by Henrik

Posted on June 22, 2005

Fantastic plugin! And with the latest version it has all the things that I was just beginning to consider hacking myself. Thanks!

Comment by John

Posted on June 26, 2005

Hi, keeping the sitemap up to date seemed like an impossible task for a blog… but this awesome plugin sure did the trick. Not really sure how much good making a sitemap will do, but at least with this plugin I don’t have to waste any time revising it. Thanks so much for making it!

Comment by Juan Carlos

Posted on July 2, 2005

This is a great tool. Thaks for all your work.


Comment by Sam

Posted on July 7, 2005


very nice plugin! Thanks!

Comment by Thomas

Posted on July 7, 2005

Yeah! I love this plugin!

Comment by Kevin

Posted on July 10, 2005

Wow, thank you!

Comment by Rob

Posted on July 9, 2005

Works great!

Comment by Howard

Posted on July 12, 2005

This should be the plugin of the year ;) THANK YOU!

Comment by torbjon

Posted on July 15, 2005


Comment by Jan

Posted on July 25, 2005

Thanks for this great plugin!

Comment by bob

Posted on July 26, 2005

fantastic plugin! thank you!

Comment by Ryan Pham

Posted on July 27, 2005

Works great man :) easy to install and setup. Dont need to find those sites that create sitemaps anymore. Thanks for this script

Comment by Corey

Posted on July 28, 2005

Excellent plugin, worked first try, thanks.

Comment by abhishek

Posted on August 10, 2005

i just installed it on my site and its working great. thanks for the wonderful plugin.

Comment by Brian Stucki

Posted on August 15, 2005

Incredible plugin. Thanks for making it so easy for the rest of us.

Comment by Indigo Clothing

Posted on August 19, 2005

Excellent tool for our promotional Clothing blog. Thank you.

Alex Walker

Comment by Ti-Jae

Posted on August 25, 2005

I just implemented this and it was as easy as 1-2-3. Thank you!

Comment by Bill Toomey

Posted on August 31, 2005

Absolutely fantastic tool. I’ve already installed it on my 3 blogs and will be using it regularly!!

Comment by Steffen

Posted on September 6, 2005

Thank you for this great plugin!

Comment by Jürgen

Posted on September 9, 2005

Danke :)

Comment by shawn

Posted on September 20, 2005

great plugin! Thanks.

A suggestion, when adding Additional pages it would be nice if the last changed date could be autofilled for “today”.

Again, thanks for the plugin.

Comment by Jason

Posted on September 21, 2005

Thansk for the great plugin..
im adding it to all my wordpress sites..
keep up the great work

Comment by SlingBox

Posted on September 21, 2005

Thank you for creating this plugin, it’s extremly helpfull.

Comment by Mark thompson

Posted on September 21, 2005

Thank you for adding this


Comment by Antonio

Posted on September 25, 2005

Hi there!
Great plugin :) Creating two emtpy files, uploading them, chmoding them 666 and then creating the sitemaps work right away!
Thanks Arne.


Comment by thesuperstar

Posted on October 5, 2005

awesome, thanks.
be sure to go your google sitemap account and “verify” site.

Comment by Scott Hendison

Posted on October 9, 2005

What a great plugin. I’m not interested in futzing around with things on the weekend. I tried it, and it works great. I’ve recommended your site on my own computer consulting blog too. I’m a computer consultant, and I’m overjoyed with your accomplishment here! You have a bright future…Congratulations on graduation!

Comment by Ken Savage

Posted on October 11, 2005

GREAT plugin and thanks. Makes it easier to deal with Google now on my blog.

Comment by Allergy Relief

Posted on October 25, 2005

Thanks for the plugin, works like a charm! Is there a mailinglist one can subscribe to be notified of new releases – if any? Thanks again, Nora

Comment by Bernd

Posted on November 2, 2005

Cool plugin, very useful and highly recommended!
Thank you very much!

Comment by Founder

Posted on November 4, 2005

Awesome plugin, thanks again. It’s greatly appreciated =)

Comment by Jesse Chilcott

Posted on November 7, 2005

Works wonderfuly on my site. Thanks heeps.

Comment by Martin

Posted on November 17, 2005

Wonderful plugin! Full-featured and simplistic in the same time. Kudos.

Comment by arne

Posted on December 18, 2005

I’m sorry, I have to close the comments here. This page gets too large and I don’t have enough time to answer all questions. If you have problems to set up the plugin, please have a look at the WordPress Forums or mail me if you’re interested in payed support.

Best regards,


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